Resource: ENGAGE Annotated Bibliography

Screenshot 2015-11-11 18.01.25The ENGAGE Annotated Bibliography is a living resource that contains reviews of publications in community-engaged work.  This bibliography was constructed by the 2015-16 ENGAGE Apprentice Cohort.  We welcome any and all contributions to this document.  To join the project, contact us at  The goal of this project is to facilitate access to the community engagement literature for practitioners.  You can download a pdf or visit the google doc.

Many, many thanks to the first class of contributors!!
ENGAGE Fellows: Kristin English, Sandra Godwin, Karen Berman, Chelsea Losh, Cynthia Edwards
ENGAGE Apprentices: Scott Butler, Kristin Rodgers, Matthew Forrest, Donovan Domingue, Alesa Liles, Eryn Viscarra, Shaundra Walker, Lori Strawder, Nicole Declouette, Amanda Jarriel, Jamie Addy


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